Switzerland’s Portal in the U.S.
Welcome! This portal is your opportunity to experience Switzerland. Explore Swiss innovation, discover your Swiss Roots, or enjoy Swiss lifestyle. Find out everything you would like to know about Swiss people and its culture, travel and visa information and business opportunities.

Explore Swiss innovation, sustainability, and exchange programs • www.thinkswiss.org
Discover Swiss roots, heritage and tradition • http://theswisscenter.org/swissroots
Everything you would like to know about Switzerland • www.swissworld.org
Visa information and consular affairs • www.swissemb.org
Travel to Switzerland • www.myswitzerland.com
Enjoy Swiss lifestyle and culture • http://helveticabold.tv/wordpress
Invest and do business with Switzerland • http://www.osec.ch
Stay informed with the Swiss Embassy’s bimonthly newsletter. • news.swissemb.org
If you were looking for www.swissroots.org, we are pleased to announce that after four years of offering a lively exchange on Swiss culture and heritage, Swiss Roots has become integrated into the Swiss Center of North America. The Swiss Center is appropriately located in New Glarus (Wisconsin)—deep in the heart of Helvetica Americana. Swiss Roots would like to thank all its community members and supporters over these past few years!